Pacote USA com 310 Músicas Americanas.



Este pacote funciona somente nos aparelhos de Videokê PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 e POP 300.

  • Pacote USA é a união dos pacotes UsaA, UsaB, UsaC, UsaD, UsaE, UsaF, UsaG e UsaH.

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Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Los Lobos 4531 LA BAMBA Para bailar la bamba ESP
Abba 4574 DANCING QUEEN Yeah! You can dance you can jive EUA
Abba 4787 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL I don’t wanna talk… EUA
Aerosmith 4678 AMAZING I get the right ones out… EUA
Al Martino 4592 LOVE IS BLUE Blue blue my world is blue EUA
Al Stewart 4806 YEAR OF THE CAT On a morning from a Bogart movie… EUA
Albert Hammond 4626 FOR THE PEACE OF ALL MANKIND You turn me on so bad that there EUA
All-4-One 4669 I SWEAR I swear EUA
Andy Williams 4581 HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG This is the moment I’ve waited for EUA
Andy Williams 4538 LOVE STORY Where do I begin? To tell the EUA
Andy Williams 4539 MOON RIVER Moon River wider than a mile EUA
Andy Williams 4595 MORE More than the greatest love the world EUA
Animals 4623 DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD Baby do you understand me now EUA
Animals 4552 THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN There is house in New Orleans EUA
Annie Lennox 4745 NO MORE I LOVE YOU I used to be lunatic from the gracious… EUA
Aphrodite’s Child 4759 RAIN AND TEARS Rain and tears are the same… EUA
Arches 4654 SUGAR SUGAR Sugar ah honey honey you are my EUA
B.J. Thomas 4546 RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD Raindrops keep falling on my head EUA
B.J. Thomas 4761 ROCK AND ROLL LULLABY She was just sixteen and all alone… EUA
Barbra Streisand 4658 THE WAY WE WERE Mem’ries light the corners of my EUA
Barbra Streisand 4613 WOMAN IN LOVE life is a moment in space EUA
Barclay J. Harvest 4647 POOR MAN’S MOODY BLUE All the night that I’ve missed EUA
Barry Manilow 4691 CAN’T SMILE WITHOUT YOU You know I can’t smile without you… EUA
Barry Manilow 4719 I WRITE THE SONGS I’ve been alive forever… EUA
Barry Manilow 4736 MANDY I remember all my life… EUA
Bay City Rollers 4650 SATURDAY NIGHT Saturday night, saturday night EUA
Beach Boys 4652 SLOOP JOHN B. We’ll come on the sloop John B. my EUA
Beatles 4563 AND I LOVE HER I give her all my love that’s all I do EUA
Beatles 4507 COME TOGETHER Here come old flat top he come EUA
Beatles 4628 GIRL Is there anybody gone to listen EUA
Beatles 4518 HELP Help I need somebody EUA
Beatles 4714 HEY JUDE Hey Jude, don’t make it bad… EUA
Beatles 4525 I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Oh yeah I’ll tell you something EUA
Beatles 4534 LET IT BE When I find myself in times of trouble EUA
Beatles 4739 MICHELLE Michelle, ma belle… EUA
Beatles 4644 OBLADI OBLADA Desmond has a barrow in the EUA
Beatles 4770 SOMETHING Something in the way she moves… EUA
Beatles 4674 THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD The long and winding road EUA
Beatles 4793 TWIST AND SHOUT Well shake it up baby twist and shout… EUA
Beatles 4559 YESTERDAY Yesterday EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Bee Gees 4511 DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER Oh my heart won’t believe EUA
Bee Gees 4708 FIRST OF MAY When I was small… EUA
Bee Gees 4716 HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE I know your eyes in the morning sun… EUA
Bee Gees 4585 I STARTED A JOKE I started a joke EUA
Bee Gees 4737 MASSACHUSETTS Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts… EUA
Bee Gees 4743 NIGHTS ON BROADWAY Here we are… EUA
Bee Gees 4772 STAYIN’ ALIVE Well you can tell by the way I use… EUA
Bee Gees 4791 TOO MUCH HEAVEN Nobody gets too much heaven no more EUA
Bee Gees 4665 WORDS Smile every lasting smile EUA
Berlin 4781 TAKE MY BREATH AWAY Watching every motion… EUA
Bertie Higgins 4573 CASABLANCA I fell in love with you EUA
Bette Midler 4657 THE ROSE Some say love it’s a river that EUA
Billy Joel 4583 HONESTY If you search for tenderness EUA
Billy Joel 4601 PIANO MAN It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday EUA
Bob Marley 4718 I SHOT THE SHERIFF I shot the sheriff… EUA
Boney M. 4760 RIVERS OF BABYLON By the rivers of Babylon there we… EUA
Bread 4681 AUBREY And Aubrey was her name… EUA
Bread 4682 BABY I’M A WANT YOU Baby I’m a want you Baby I’m a need… EUA
Bread 4521 IF If a picture paints a thousand words EUA
Bread 4735 MAKE IT WITH YOU Hey, have you ever tried… EUA
Bread 4783 THE DIARY I found her diary underneath a tree… EUA
Bread 4786 THE GUITAR MAN Who draws the crowd and plays… EUA
Brian Adams 4713 HEAVEN Oh, Thinkin’ about all our younger EUA
Brian Adams 4755 PLEASE FORGIVE ME It still feels like our first night… EUA
Bryan Adams 4706 EVERYTHING I DO (I DO IT FOR YOU) Look into my eyes you will see… EUA
C.C.R. 4616 BAD MOON RISING I see the bad moon rising I see EUA
C.C.R. 4508 COTTON FIELDS When I was a little baby my mother EUA
C.C.R. 4580 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN Someone told me long ago EUA
C.C.R. 4591 LODI Just about a year ago EUA
C.C.R. 4602 PROUD MARY Left a good good in the city EUA
C.C.R. 4656 SUSIE Q Oh susie Q, oh Susie Q, oh Susie EUA
C.C.R. 4792 TRAVELIN’ BAND Seven-thirty-seven comin’ out… EUA
C.C.R. 4795 UP AROUND THE BEND There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ EUA
Carly Simon 4695 COMING AROUND AGAIN Baby sneezes momy pleases… EUA
Carol Song 4604 SILENT NIGHT Silent night holy night EUA
Carol Song 4651 SILVER BELLS City side walks busy side walks EUA
Carole King 4730 IT’S TOO LATE Stayed in bed all mornin’ just to pass… EUA
Carpenters 4728 IT’S GONNA TAKE SOME TIME It’s gonna take some time this time… EUA
Carpenters 4752 ONLY YESTERDAY After long enough of being alone… EUA
Carpenters 4756 PLEASE MR. POSTMAN Oh yes wait a minute Mister Postman… EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Carpenters 4606 SUPERSTAR Long ago and oh so far away EUA
Carpenters 4612 TOP OF THE WORLD Such a feelin’s comin’over me EUA
Carpenters 4615 YESTERDAY ONCE MORE When I was young I’d listen to the radio EUA
Celine Dion 4685 BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME For all those times you stood by me… EUA
Celine Dion e Bee Gees 4723 IMMORTALITY So this is who I am and this is all I… EUA
Celine Dion e C. Griffin 4802 WHEN I FALL IN LOVE When I fall in love It will be forever… EUA
Chelsia Chan 4629 GRADUATION TEARS And now is the time to say goodbye EUA
Chicago 4619 COLOUR MY WORLD As time goes on realize just want EUA
Chicago 4631 IF YOU LEAVE NOW If you leave me now you’ll take way EUA
Chicago 4641 MAKE ME SMILE Children play in the park they don’t EUA
Chris de Burg 4732 LADY IN RED I’ve never seen you looking so lovely… EUA
Christie 4807 YELLOW RIVER So long boy you can take my place… EUA
Chubby Checker 4533 LET’S TWIST AGAIN Come on everybody clap your hands EUA
Chuck Berry 4635 JOHNNY B. GOOD Deep down in Louisiana close to new EUA
Cliff Richard 4609 THE YOUNG ONE’S The young one’s EUA
Clovers 4593 LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE I took my troubles down to Madam Ruth EUA
Commodores 4610 THERE TIME A LADY Thanks for the times that you’ve EUA
Costers 4504 BESAME MUCHO Besame besame mucho EUA
Cyndi Lauper 4789 TIME AFTER TIME Lyin’ in my bed… EUA
Deep Purple 4653 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE I have often told you stories about EUA
Diana Ross 4698 DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOIN’ TO Do you know where you’re goin’ to… EUA
Dionne Warwick 4721 I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN What do you get when you fall in love… EUA
Don Gibson 4643 NEVER ON SUNDAY Oh you can kiss me on a monday EUA
Donny Osmond 4502 A TIME FOR US A time for us someday will be EUA
Doors 4733 LIGHT MY FIRE You know that it would be untrue… EUA
Doris Day 4545 QUE SERA SERA When I was just a little girl EUA
Double 4782 THE CAPTAIN OF HER HEART It was way past midnight… EUA
Drifters 4596 MY GIRL I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day EUA
Drifters 4547 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME You can dance every dance with the guy EUA
Eagles 4584 HOTEL CALIFORNIA On a dark desert highway EUA
Eagles 4599 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS One of these nights EUA
Elton John 4687 BENNIE AND THE JETS Hey kids shake it loose together… EUA
Elton John 4689 BLUE EYES Blue eyes baby’s got blue eyes… EUA
Elton John 4622 CROCODILE ROCK I remember when the rock was young EUA
Elton John 4697 DANIEL Daniel is travelin’ tonight on a plane… EUA
Elton John 4701 DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART Don’t go breaking my heart… EUA
Elton John 4709 FRIENDS I hope the day will be a lighter… EUA
Elton John 4710 GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD When are you gonna come down… EUA
Elton John 4744 NIKITA Hey Nikita is it cold… EUA
Elton John 4764 SACRIFICE It’s a human sign when things go EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Elton John 4768 SKYLINE PIGEON Turn me loose from your hands… EUA
Elvis Presley 4566 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? Are you lonesome tonight? EUA
Elvis Presley 4618 BURNING LOVE Lord almighty I feel my temperature EUA
Elvis Presley 4572 CANT HELP FALLIN’ IN LOVE Wise man say only fools rush in EUA
Elvis Presley 4700 DON’T BE CRUEL Ah, you know I can be found… EUA
Elvis Presley 4632 I REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW How many arms have held you EUA
Elvis Presley 4524 IT’S NOW OR NEVER It’s now or never come hold me tight EUA
Elvis Presley 4731 KISS ME QUICK Mmm, Kiss me quick… EUA
Elvis Presley 4537 LOVE ME TENDER Love me tender love me sweet EUA
Elvis Presley 4778 SURRENDER When we kiss my heart’s on fire… EUA
Elvis Presley 4779 SUSPICIOUS MINDS We’re caught in a trap I can’t walk out EUA
Elvis Presley 4810 YOU’VE LOST THAT LOVIN’ FEELIN’ You never close your eyes… EUA
Engerbert Humperdinck 4603 RELEASE ME Please release me, let me go EUA
Eric Clapton 4684 BAD LOVE Oh what a feeling I get when I’m with… EUA
Eric Clapton 4637 LET IT GROW Standin’at the cross road trying to EUA
Eric Clapton 4608 TEARS IN HEAVEN Would you know my name EUA
Eric Clapton 4614 WONDERFUL TONIGHT It’s late in the evening EUA
Everly Brothers 4590 LET IT BE ME I bless the day I found you EUA
Four Aces 4671 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Love is a many splendored thing EUA
Frank Sinatra 4722 I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN I’ve got you under my skin… EUA
Frank Sinatra 4670 LET ME TRY AGAIN I know I said that I was leaving EUA
Frank Sinatra 4540 MY WAY And now the end is near EUA
Frank Sinatra 4673 NEW YORK, NEW YORK Start spreading the news I’m leaving EUA
Frank Sinatra 4742 NIGHT AND DAY Night and day you are the one… EUA
Frank Sinatra 4774 STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT Strangers in the night exchanging… EUA
G. Clefs 4634 I UNDERSTAND I understand just how you feel you EUA
George Michael 4692 CARELESS WHISPERS I feel so unsure as I take your hand… EUA
Gilbert O’Sullivan 4677 ALONE AGAIN In a little while from now… EUA
Glenn Medeiros 4597 NOTHING’S GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU If I had to live my life EUA
Gloria Estefan 4703 DON’T WANNA LOSE YOU Sometimes it’s hard to make things EUA
Guess Who 4679 AMERICAN WOMAN American Woman stay away from me EUA
H. Belafonte 4661 TRY TO REMEMBER Try to remember the kind of september EUA
H. Belafonte 4557 WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN’ IN I am just a weary pilgrim EUA
Hank Wiliams 4527 JAMBALAYA Goodbye Joe me gotta go EUA
Hellen Reddy 4520 I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM I don’t know how to love him EUA
Hollies 4711 HE AIN’T HEAVY HE’S MY BROTHER The road is long… EUA
Irene Cara 4577 FAME Baby look at me EUA
Irene Cara 4799 WHAT A FEELING First, When there’s nothing… EUA
Jackson 5 4720 I’LL BE THERE You and I must make a pact… EUA
James Taylor 4693 CAROLINA IN MY MIND In my mind I’m gone to Carolina… EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
James Taylor 4702 DON’T LET ME BE LONELY TONIGHT Do me wrong do me right… EUA
James Taylor 4707 FIRE AND RAIN Just yesterday mornin’… EUA
James Taylor 4780 SWEET BABY JAMES There is a young cowboy he lives on EUA
Jim Reeves 4517 HE’LL HAVE TO GO Put your sweet lips a little closer EUA
John Denver 4565 ANNIE’S SONG You fill up my senses EUA
John Denver 4550 SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS Sunshine on my shoulders EUA
John Denver 4607 TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS Almost heaven, west Virginia EUA
John Denver e P. Domingo 4753 PERHAPS LOVE Perhaps love is like a resting place… EUA
John Lennon 4523 IMAGINE Imagine there’s no heaven EUA
John Lennon 4640 LOVE Love is real is love love is feeling EUA
John Lennon 4549 STAND BY ME When the night has come EUA
John Lennon 4805 WOMAN Woman, I can hardly express… EUA
Johnny Horton 4561 ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL Well today I’m so weary EUA
Johnny Mathis 4594 MIST Look at me I’m as helpless EUA
Johnny Rivers 4699 DO YOU WANNA DANCE Do you wanna dance and hold my EUA
José Feliciano 4598 ONCE THERE WAS A LOVE Once there was a love EUA
Julie Andrews 4512 DO RE MI Doe a deer a female deer EUA
Julie Andrews 4513 EDELWEISS Edelweiss edelweiss EUA
Julio Iglesias 4667 CRAZY Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely EUA
Kansas 4575 DUST IN THE WIND I close my eyes EUA
Kenny Rogers 4589 LADY Lady, I’m your knight in shining armor EUA
Kim Carnes 4569 BETTE DAVIS’ EYES Her hair is harrow gold EUA
Knack 4642 MY SHARONA Oh my little pretty one my pretty EUA
Kool And The Gang 4694 CELEBRATION Ya hoo ya hoo Celebrate good times… EUA
Kris Kristofferson 4578 FOR THE GOOD TIMES Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over EUA
Kris Kristofferson 4582 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT Take the ribbon from your hair EUA
Leif Garrett 4544 PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER Put your head on my shoulder EUA
Lennon Sisters 4503 AUTUMN LEAVES The falling leaves drift by the window EUA
Linda Ronstadt 4633 IT’S SO EASY It’s so easy to falling in love it’s so EUA
Lionel Richie 4676 ALL NIGHT LONG Well my friends the time has come… EUA
Lionel Richie 4548 SAY YOU SAY ME Say you say me say it for always EUA
Lionel Richie 4773 STILL Lady morning’s just a moment away… EUA
Lionel Richie 4775 STUCK ON YOU Stuck on you… EUA
Lobo 4587 I’D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME When I saw you standin’ there EUA
Louis Armstrong 4556 WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD I see trees of green red roses too EUA
Lulu 4790 TO SIR WITH LOVE Those schoolgirl days… EUA
Madonna 4696 CRAZY FOR YOU Swaying on as the music starts… EUA
Madonna 4535 LIKE A VIRGIN I made it through the wilderness EUA
Madonna 4738 MATERIAL GIRL Some boys kiss me some boys hug EUA
Madonna 4754 PHYSICAL I’m sayin’ all the things that I know… EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Mamas and Papas 4505 CALIFORNIA DREAMIN All the leaves are brown and the sky EUA
Mariah Carey 4668 HERO There’s a hero EUA
Mariah Carey 4740 MY ALL I’m thinking of you… EUA
Mariah Carey 4558 WITHOUT YOU No I can’t forget this evening EUA
Mariah Carey e L. Vandross 4514 ENDLESS LOVE My love, there’s only you in my life EUA
Mariah Carey e W. Houston 4803 WHEN YOU BELIEVE Many nights I prayed… EUA
Mariane Faithful 4659 THIS LITTLE BIRD There’s little bird that somebody EUA
Marie Osmond 4600 PAPER ROSES I realize the way your eyes deceived EUA
Marvin Gaye 4800 WHAT’S GOING ON Mother, mother, there’s too many of EUA
Matt Monto 4662 WALK AWAY Walk away please go before you EUA
Michael Holm 4663 WHEN A CHILD IS BORN A ray of hope flickes in the sky EUA
Michael Jackson 4568 BEAT IT They told him don’t you ever come EUA
Michael Jackson 4686 BEN Ben the two of us need look no more… EUA
Michael Jackson 4570 BILLIE JEAN She was more like a beauty queen EUA
Michael Jackson 4688 BLACK OR WHITE I took my baby on a Saturday… EUA
Michael Jackson 4712 HEAL THE WORLD There’s a place in your heart… EUA
Michael Jackson 4762 ROCK WITH YOU Girl close your eyes… EUA
Michael Jackson 4784 THE GIRL IS MINE Ev’ry night she walks right in my EUA
Michael Jackson 4788 THRILLER It’s close to midnight… EUA
Mitch Miller 4560 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE The other night dear as I lay sleeping EUA
Mood Blues 4625 FOR MY LADY My boat sails story seas battle EUA
Morris Albert 4515 FEELING Feeling nothing more than feeling EUA
Música Natalina 4528 JINGLE BELLS Dashing thru’the snow EUA
Música Natalina 4664 WHITE CHRISTMAS I’m dreaming of a white christmas EUA
Natalie Cole 4555 UNFORGETTABLE Unforgettable that’s what you are EUA
Nazareth 4734 LOVE HURTS Love hurts love scars love wounds… EUA
Nikka Costa 4748 ON MY OWN Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been… EUA
Olivia N. John e J. Travolta 4510 DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA It won’t be easy you’II think EUA
Olivia N. John e J. Travolta 4630 HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW There was a time when I was in a EUA
Olivia N. John e J. Travolta 4638 LET ME BE THERE Wherever you go wherever you may EUA
Olivia N. John e J. Travolta 4776 SUMMER NIGHTS Summer loving had me a blast… EUA
Pat Boone 4536 LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND On a day like today EUA
Patrick Hernandez 4690 BORN TO BE ALIVE Born born to be alive… EUA
Patrick Swayze 4767 SHE’S LIKE THE WIND She’s like the wind through my tree… EUA
Patty Page 4506 CHANGING PARTNERS We were waltzing together EUA
Patty Page 4586 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING I went your wedding altho’I was EUA
Paul Anka 4620 CRAZY LOVE Crazy love it’s just a crazy love EUA
Paul Anka 4509 DIANA I’m so young and you’re so old EUA
Paul Anka 4646 PAPA Every day my Papa would work to EUA
Paul Anka 4758 PUPPY LOVE And they called it puppy love… EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Paul McCartney 4705 EBONY AND IVORY Ebony and ivory… EUA
Paul McCartney 4746 NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS I can wait another day until I call yo… EUA
Peggy Lee 4529 JOHNNY GUITAR Play the guitar play it EUA
Percy Sledge 4801 WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN When a man loves a woman… EUA
Perry Como 4564 AND I LOVE YOU SO And I love you so EUA
Peter, Paul and Mary 4501 500 MILES If you miss the train I’m on EUA
Peter, Paul and Mary 4648 PUFF Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea EUA
Phil Collins 4680 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE She calls out to the man on the street EUA
Phil Collins 4751 ONE MORE NIGHT One more night… EUA
Platters 4543 ONLY YOU Only you EUA
Platters 4769 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES They asked me how I knew… EUA
Platters 4785 THE GREAT PRETENDER Oh yes, I’m the great pretender… EUA
Police 4576 EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE Every breath you take EUA
Police 4763 ROXANNE Roxanne… You don’t have to put… EUA
Procol Harum 4666 A WHITER SHADE OF PALE We skipped the light fandango EUA
Queen 4797 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS I’ve paid my dues time after time… EUA
Ray Charles 4519 I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU Those happy hours that we once knew EUA
Ray Charles 4554 UNCHAIN MY HEART Unchain my heart EUA
Richard Marx 4747 NOW AND FOREVER Whenever I’m weary… EUA
Richie Valens 4704 DONNA Oh Donna Oh Donna… EUA
Righteous Brothers 4553 UNCHAINED MELODY Oh my love my darling EUA
Roberta Flack 4530 KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG Strumming my pain with his fingers EUA
Rockwell 4588 KNIFE You touched my life EUA
Rolling Stones 4567 AS TEARS GO BY It is the evening of the day EUA
Roxette 4727 IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE It must have been love But it’s over EUA
Roxette 4771 SPENDING MY TIME What’s the time… EUA
Roy Orbison 4645 ONLY THE LONELY Only the lonely you know the way EUA
Roy Orbison 4757 PRETTY WOMAN Pretty woman walking down the street EUA
S. Harnick and J. Bock 4655 SUNRISE SUNSET Is this the little girl I carried EUA
S.C.Foster 4542 OH SUSANNA I’ve come from Alabama with my banjo EUA
Santa Esmeralda 4675 YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING You’re my everything EUA
Santana 4624 EVIL WAYS You’ve got to change your evil ways EUA
Scott Mackenzie 4765 SAN FRANCISCO If you’re going to San Francisco… EUA
Simon and Garfunkel 4571 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER When you’re weary feeling small EUA
Skeeter Davis 4551 THE END OF THE WORLD Why does the sun go on shining EUA
Smokie 4639 LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE Sally called when she goes got the EUA
Spice Girls 4796 WANNA BE If you want my future forget my past… EUA
Stephen Bishop 4726 IT MIGHT BE YOU Time… I’ve been passing time… EUA
Steppenwolf 4617 BORN TO BE WILD Get your motor runnin’head down EUA
Stevie Wonder 4522 I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU No New Year’s Day to celebrate EUA

Pacote USA com 310 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Stevie Wonder 4725 ISN’T SHE LOVELY Isn’t she lovely isn’t she wonderful… EUA
Stevie Wonder 4741 MY CHERIE AMOUR La la… My cherie amour… EUA
Stevie Wonder 4808 YESTER-ME, YESTER-YOU, YESTERDAY Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday… EUA
Stevie Wonder 4809 YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE You are the sunshine of my life… EUA
Supertramp 4729 IT’S RAINING AGAIN It’s raining again oh no my love’s… EUA
Take That 4683 BACK FOR GOOD I guess now it’s time for me to give up EUA
Tammy Wynette 4605 STAND BY YOUR MAN Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman EUA
The Cascades 4649 RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Listen to the rhythm of the falling EUA
Tom Jones 4516 GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME The old hometown looks the same EUA
Tom Jones 4660 TILL Till the moondeserts the sky EUA
Tommy James 4621 CRIMSON AND CLOVER No I don’t hardly know her but I EUA
Toni Braxton 4715 HOW COULD AN ANGEL BREAK MY HEART I heard he sang a lullaby… EUA
Toni Braxton 4794 UNBREAK MY HEART Don’t leave me in all this pain… EUA
Tony Benett 4717 I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO The loveliness of Paris… EUA
Tony Orlando 4611 THE A YELLOW RIBBON’ROUND THE OLD OAK TREE I’m comin’home I’ve done my time EUA
Turtles 4579 HAPPY TOGETHER Imagine me and you I do EUA
U.S.A. For Africa 4798 WE ARE THE WORLD There comes a time when we… EUA
U2 4749 ONE Is it gettin’ better or do you feel the… EUA
U2 4777 SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY I can’t believe the news today… EUA
U2 4804 WITH OR WITHOUT YOU See the stone set in your eyes… EUA
Wham 4636 LAST CHRISTMAS Oh oh oh oh wo wo ah ah last EUA
Whitesnake 4724 IS THIS LOVE I should have known better… EUA
Whitney Houston 4526 I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU If I should stay I would only be EUA
Whitney Houston 4750 ONE MOMENT IN TIME Each day I live I want to be… EUA
Willie Nelson 4562 ALWAYS ON MY MIND Maybe I didn’t love you EUA
Wilson Pickett 4627 FUNK BROADWAY Every town I go in there’s a street EUA
Wings 4672 MY LOVE And when I go away I know EUA
Zucchero 4766 SENZA UNA DONNA I change my world I wanna change… EUA
Mario Panzeri e Psd Nisa 4541 NON HO L’ETA PER AMARTI Non ho I’eta non ho I’eta ITA
Tony Dallara 4532 LA NOVIA Bian che spien dente va la novia ITA


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