Pacote INT 05 com 160 Americanas



Pacote INT05 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Adele 19068 SKYFALL This is the end hold your breath and count EUA
Alanis Morissette 19100 HAND IN MY POCKET I’m broke but I’m happy I’m poor but EUA
Alanis Morissette 19147 THANK U How ‘bout getting off of these antibiotics EUA
Arctic Monkeys 19031 FLUORESCENT ADOLESCENT You used to get it in your fishnets EUA
Avril Lavigne 19152 WHAT THE HELL You say that I’m messing with your head EUA
Backstreet Boys 19033 I WANT IT THAT WAY Yeah… You are my fire the one desire EUA
Beatles (The) 19124 HELLO, GOODBYE You say yes I say no you say stop but EUA
Black Eyed Peas 19137 MY HUMPS What you gonna do with all that junk EUA
Black Sabbath 19139 PARANOID Finished with my woman ‘cause she EUA
Britney Spears 19108 I’M A SLAVE 4 U All you people look at me like I’m a little girl EUA
Britney Spears 19141 PIECE OF ME I’m Miss American dream since I was EUA
Britney Spears 19155 WOMANIZER Superstar where you from how’s it going EUA
Britney Spears 19159 YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY Baby I’m so into you EUA
Bruno Mars 19054 GRENADE Easy come easy go that’s just how you live EUA
Bruno Mars 19009 IT WILL RAIN If you ever leave me baby EUA
Bruno Mars 19036 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Oh her eyes her eyes make the stars EUA
Bruno Mars 19061 LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN Oh yeah yeah…Never had much faith in love EUA
Bruno Mars 19019 TALKING TO THE MOON I know you’re somewhere out there EUA
Bruno Mars 19021 THE LAZY SONG Today I don’t feel like doing anything EUA
Carly Rae Jepsen 19046 CALL ME MAYBE I threw a wish in the well don’t ask me EUA
Carly Rae Jepsen 19074 THIS KISS I went out last night I’m going out tonight EUA
Chris Brown 19029 YEAH 3X Move your body out on the floor Put your troubles aside EUA
Christina Perri 19041 A THOUSAND YEARS Heart beats fast colors and promises EUA
Colbie Caillat 19002 BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN Stop me on the corner It’ where you hit me EUA
Colbie Caillat 19089 BUBBLY I’ve been awake for a while now EUA
Colbie Caillat 19006 I DO It’s always been about me myself and I EUA
Coldplay 19012 PARADISE When she was just a girl She expected the EUA
Coldplay 19024 VIVA LA VIDA I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave EUA
Coldplay 19158 YELLOW Look at the stars look how they shine for you EUA
Corinne Bailey Rae 19040 PUT YOUR RECORDS ON Three little birds sat on my window EUA
Cyndi Lauper 19148 TRUE COLORS You with the sad eyes don’t be discouraged EUA
Daryl Hall – John Oates 19113 KISS ON MY LIST My friends wonder why I call you all of EUA
David Guetta 19028 WITHOUT YOU I can’t win I can’t reign I will never win this game EUA
David Guetta – Kelly Rowland 19027 WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER It’s complicated it always is That’s just the way it goes EUA
Debbie Gibson 19132 LOST IN YOUR EYES I get lost in your eyes EUA
Demi Lovato 19128 LET IT GO Let it go let it go can’t hold it back anymore EUA
Des’ree 19129 LIFE Oh Life… I’m afraid of the dark EUA
Des’ree 19160 YOU GOTTA BE Listen as your day unfolds EUA
Destiny’s Child 19131 LOSE MY BREATH Can you keep up Baby boy make me lose EUA
Dionne Warwick 19126 I’LL NEVER LOVE THIS WAY AGAIN You looked inside my fantasies EUA
Donna Summer 19088 BREAKAWAY For too long she was feeling that her love EUA
Elvis Presley 19101 HEARTBREAK HOTEL Well since my baby left me EUA
Elvis Presley 19125 HOUND DOG You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog EUA
Elvis Presley 19110 JAILHOUSE ROCK The warden threw a party in the county jail EUA
Fall Out Boy 19071 SUGAR WE’RE GOING DOWN Am I more than you bargained for yet EUA
Fall Out Boy 19073 THIS AIN’T A SCENE IT’S AN ARMS RACE I am an arms dealer feeding you with EUA
Fergie 19085 BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY La ra ra ra… The smell of your skin EUA
Fergie 19092 CLUMSY She can´t help it the girl can’t help it EUA
Flo Rida 19005 GOOD FEELING Oh oh sometimes I get a good feeling yeah EUA
Foo Fighters 19122 BEST OF YOU I’ve got another confession to make EUA
Foo Fighters 19127 LEARN TO FLY Run and tell all of the angels EUA
Foo Fighters 19136 MY HERO Too alarming now to talk about EUA
Fun – Janelle Monae 19025 WE ARE YOUNG Give me a second I EUA
Garth Brooks 19143 STANDING OUTSIDE THE FIRE We call them cool those hearts that have EUA
Gloria Gaynor 19107 I WILL SURVIVE At first I was afraid I was petrified EUA
Gotye – Kimbra 19070 SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW Now and then I think of when we were together EUA
Green Day 19043 BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS I walk a lonely road the only one that EUA
Green Day 19063 OH LOVE Oh love…Won’t you rain on me tonight EUA
Guns n’ Roses 19094 DON’T CRY Talk to me softly there’s something in EUA
Guns n’ Roses 19140 PATIENCE Shed a tear ‘cause I’m missing you EUA
Guns n’ Roses 19146 SWEET CHILD ON MINE She’s got a smile that it seems to me EUA
Hanson 19134 MMMBOP You have so many relationships EUA
Hilary Duff 19079 WITH LOVE I don’t mind you telling me EUA
J. Geils Band 19090 CENTERFOLD Does she walk… Does she come complete EUA
Jamiroquai 19075 VIRTUAL INSANITY Oh yeah what we’re living in let me tell ya EUA
Jason Derulo 19008 IT GIRL Oh yeah … I’ve been looking under rocks EUA
Jason Mraz 19081 93 MILLION MILES Ninety three million miles from the sun EUA
Jason Mraz 19007 I WON’T GIVE UP When I look into your eyes EUA
Jennifer Lopez – LL Cool J 19084 ALL I HAVE Loving life and life is living very special EUA
Jessie J 19015 PRICE TAG Okay Coconut man… Seems like everybody’s got a EUA
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 19106 I LOVE ROCK’N ROLL I saw him dancin’ there by the record machine EUA
John Mayer 19067 SAY Take all of your wasted honor EUA
Justin Bieber 19001 BOYFRIEND If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go EUA
Justin Bieber 19064 ONE TIME Me plus you I’ma tell you one time EUA
Kate Bush 19157 WUTHERING HEIGHTS Out on the winding windy moors EUA
Katy Perry 19044 CALIFORNIA GURLS I know a place where the grass is really EUA
Katy Perry 19003 FIREWORK Do you ever feel like a plastic bag EUA
Katy Perry 19059 LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F.) There’s a stranger in my bed EUA
Katy Perry 19013 PART OF ME Days like this I want to drive away EUA
Katy Perry 19072 TEENAGE DREAM You think I’m pretty without any make EUA
Katy Perry 19022 THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY Summer after high school when we first met EUA
Kelly Clarkson 19018 STRONGER You know the bed feels warmer EUA
Kiss 19142 ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE You show us everything you’ve got EUA
Lady Antebellum 19058 JUST A KISS Lying here with you so close to me EUA
Lady Gaga 19042 BORN THIS WAY It doesn’t matter if you love him EUA
Lady Gaga 19133 MARRY THE NIGHT I’m gonna marry the night EUA
Lady Gaga 19039 PAPARAZZI We are the crowd we’re co-coming out EUA
Lady Gaga 19080 YOU AND I It’s been a long time since I came around EUA
Led Zeppelin 19095 D’YER MAK’ER Oh oh oh oh oh oh you don’t have to go EUA
Madonna 19048 CELEBRATION I think you wanna come over EUA
Madonna 19091 CHERISH Cherish… So tired of broken hearts EUA
Madonna 19004 GIRL GONE WILD It’s so hypnotic The way he pulls on me EUA
Madonna 19053 GIVE IT 2 ME What are you waiting for nobody’s gonna EUA
Madonna 19103 HOLLYWOOD Everybody comes to hollywood EUA
Madonna 19104 HUNG UP Time goes by so slowly EUA
Madonna 19062 MILES AWAY I just woke up from a fuzzy dream EUA
Madonna 19135 MUSIC Hey Mr. DJ put a record on I wanna dance EUA
Madonna 19023 TURN UP THE RADIO When the world starts to get you down EUA
Madonna 19150 VOGUE Strike a pose…Vogue…Look around EUA
Mariah Carey 19151 WE BELONG TOGETHER Uhhh…yeah…I didn’t mean it when I said EUA
Maroon 5 19055 HARDER TO BREATHE How dare you say that my behavior is EUA
Maroon 5 19011 MOVES LIKE JAGGER Oh ah oh… Just shoot for the stars it feels EUA
Maroon 5 19038 ONE MORE NIGHT You and I go hard at each other like EUA
Maroon 5 19117 SHE WILL BE LOVED Beauty queen of only eighteen she EUA
Maroon 5 19145 SUNDAY MORNING Sunday morning rain is falling EUA
Maroon 5 – Wiz Khalife 19014 PAYPHONE I’m partying… I’m at a payphone trying to EUA
Miley Cyrus 19047 CAN’T BE TAMED For those who don’t know me I can get EUA
Miley Cyrus 19066 PARTY IN THE U.S.A. I hopped off the plane at L.A.X. with a dream EUA
Miley Cyrus 19020 THE CLIMB I can almost see it That dream I’m dreaming EUA
Miley Cyrus 19078 WHO OWNS MY HEART Creation shows me what to do I’m dancing EUA
Miley Cyrus 19156 WRECKING BALL We clawed we chained our hearts in vain EUA
My Chemical Romance 19056 I DON’T LOVE YOU Well when you go so never think I’ll make EUA
Nelly Furtado 19035 I’M LIKE A BIRD You’re beautiful that’s for sure EUA
New Kids On The Block 19119 STEP BY STEP Step by step oh baby Gonna get to you girl EUA
New Order 19086 BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE Every time I think of you I feel shot EUA
New Order 19087 BLUE MONDAY How does it feel to treat me like you do EUA
New Order 19116 REGRET Maybe I’ve forgotten the name and the a EUA
Nicki Minaj – Rihanna 19051 FLY I came to win to fight to conquer to thrive EUA
Nirvana 19083 ABOUT A GIRL I need an easy friend I do with na easy EUA
Nirvana 19109 IN BLOOM Sell the kids for food weather changes moods EUA
Nirvana 19114 LITHIUM I’m so happy ‘Cause today I’ve found my EUA
Nirvana 19115 POLLY Polly wants a cracker EUA
Nirvana 19118 SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT Load up on guns bring your friends It’s fun EUA
No Doubt 19111 JUST A GIRL Take this pink ribbon off my eyes EUA
One Direction 19060 LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG Hey girl I’m waiting on you EUA
One Direction 19077 WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL You’re insecure don’t know what for EUA
Owl City 19097 FIREFLIES You would not believe your eyes EUA
Panic At The Disco 19034 I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES Oh well imagine as I’m pacing the pews EUA
Panic At The Disco 19037 NINE IN THE AFTERNOON Back to the street where we began EUA
Patti Smith Group 19121 BECAUSE THE NIGHT Take me now baby here as I am EUA
Pearl Jam 19123 BETTER MAN Waitin’ watchin’ the clock it’s four o’clock EUA
Pink 19050 DON’T LET ME GET ME Never win first place I don’t support the team EUA
Pink 19052 FUCKIN’ PERFECT Made a wrong turn once or twice EUA
Pink 19016 RAISE YOUR GLASS Right right turn off the lights We gonna lose EUA
Pink 19069 SO WHAT Na na na… I guess I just lost my husband EUA
Pink 19154 WHO KNEW You took my hand you showed me how EUA
Pixies 19102 HERE COMES YOUR MAN Outside there’s a box car waiting EUA
Psy 19098 GANGNAM STYLE Oppan gangnamn style Najeneun ttasaroun EUA
Psy 19099 GENTLEMAN Allanga molla wae hwakkeun haeya EUA
R. Kelly 19105 I BELIEVE I CAN FLY I used to think that I could not go on EUA
Radiohead 19093 CREEP When you were here before EUA
Radiohead 19096 FAKE PLASTIC TREES A green plastic watering can EUA
Rihanna 19045 CALIFORNIA KING BED Chest to chest nose to nose palm to palm EUA
Rihanna 19065 ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) La la la… I want you to love me like I’m a hot pie EUA
Rihanna 19026 WE FOUND LOVE Yellow diamonds in the light And we’re standing side EUA
Rihanna 19030 YOU DA ONE You the one that I dream about all day EUA
Rob Thomas 19130 LONELY NO MORE Now it seems to me that you know just EUA
Scorpions 19144 STILL LOVING YOU Time it needs time to win back your love EUA
Seal 19112 KISS FROM A ROSE There used to be a greying tower alone EUA
Shakira 19138 OBJECTION (TANGO) It’s not her fault that she’s so irresistible EUA
Shakira 19149 UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES You’re a song written by the hands of God EUA
Shakira 19153 WHENEVER, WHEREVER Lucky you were born that far away so EUA
Taylor Swift 19057 I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE Once upon a time a few mistakes ago EUA
Taylor Swift 19010 MEAN You with your words like knives EUA
Taylor Swift 19076 WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER I remember when we broke up the first time EUA
The Classics IV 19017 STORMY You are the sunshine baby EUA
The Wanted 19049 CHASING THE SUN I’m better so much better now EUA
The Wanted 19032 GLAD YOU CAME The sun goes down the stars come out EUA
Vanessa Carlton 19082 A THOUSAND MILES Making my way downtown walking fast EUA
Ylvis 19120 THE FOX (WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY) Dog goes woof cat goes meow bird goes tweet EUA


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