Pacote INT 04 com 160 Músicas Americanas.



Este pacote funciona somente nos aparelhos PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 e POP 300.

  • Pacote INT 04 é a união dos pacotes INT04A, INT04B, INT04C e  INT04D.

Caso você já possua o PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 ou POP 300, deverá ser informado no campo acima o n. de série do seu aparelho.

O arquivo do pacote é disponibilizado na Área de Download do site em até 4 horas após a confirmação de pagamento. Este prazo é válido em dias úteis, dentro do horário de atendimento.

Pacote INT04 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
4 Non Blondes 2578 SPACEMAN Starry night bring me down EUA
Abba 2533 MAMMA MIA I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t EUA
AC-DC 2606 HIGHWAY TO HELL Livin’ easy lovin’ free EUA
Adele 2603 CHASING PAVEMENTS I’ve made up my mind EUA
Adele 2569 ROLLING IN THE DEEP There’s a fire starting in my heart EUA
Adele 2627 SET FIRE TO THE RAIN I let it fall my heart and as I fell EUA
Adele 2600 SOMEONE LIKE YOU I heard that you’re settled down EUA
Alanis Morissette 2570 THAT I WOULD BE GOOD That I would be good even if I did not EUA
Alannah Myles 2602 BLACK VELVET Mississippi in the middle of the dry s EUA
Alice Cooper 2526 I NEVER CRY If there’s a tear on my face EUA
Alicia Keys 2568 NO ONE I just want you close EUA
Alphaville 2577 FOREVER YOUNG Let’s dance in style let’s dance for EUA
America 2630 SISTER GOLDEN HAIR Well I tried to make it Sunday EUA
America 2558 TIN MAN Sometimes late when things are real EUA
Amy Winehouse 2541 BACK TO BLACK He left no time to regret EUA
Amy Winehouse 2546 LOVE IS A LOSING GAME For you I was the flame EUA
Amy Winehouse 2550 YOU KNOW I’M NO GOOD Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard EUA
Aretha Franklin 2652 RESPECT What you want baby I got it What you need EUA
Asia 2651 ONLY TIME WILL TELL You’re leaving now It’s in your eyes EUA
Avril Lavigne 2612 I’M WITH YOU I’m standin’ on the bridge EUA
Avril Lavigne 2650 MY WORLD Please tell me what is takin’ place EUA
Bad Finger 2622 NO MATTER WHAT No matter what you are I will always EUA
Barry Manilow 2554 DAYBREAK I’m singing to the world EUA
Barry Manilow 2544 I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN We dreamers have our ways EUA
Beatles 2511 A DAY IN THE LIFE I read the news today oh boy EUA
Beatles (The) 2601 ALL MY LOVING Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you EUA
Beatles (The) 2643 FROM ME TO YOU Da da da… If there’s anything that you want EUA
Beatles (The) 2608 I CALL YOUR NAME I call your name but you’re not there EUA
Beatles (The) 2645 I’LL BE BACK You know If you break my heart I’ll go EUA
Beatles (The) 2619 MONEY The best things in life are free EUA
Beatles (The) 2624 NOWHERE MAN He’s a real Nowhere Man sitting in his EUA
Beatles (The) 2636 WHEN I’M SIXTY-FOUR When I get older losing my hair EUA
Bee Gees 2616 LOVE SO RIGHT She came on like the night EUA
Bee Gees 2535 REACHING OUT Watching every day go by EUA
Beyonce 2524 HALO Remember those walls I built EUA
Beyonce 2537 SINGLE LADIES All the single ladies EUA
Beyonce 2538 SWEET DREAMS Turn the lights on EUA
Beyoncé 2506 IF I WERE A BOY If I were a boy EUA
Black Eyed Peas 2515 I GOTTA FEELING I gotta feelin’ EUA

Pacote INT04 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Blind Melon 2623 NO RAIN Uh uh uh uh uh… All I can say is that my EUA
Bruce Dickinson 2656 TEARS OF THE DRAGON For too long now there were secrets in my mind EUA
C.C.R 2516 I PUT A SPELL ON YOU I put a spell on you because you’re mine EUA
C.C.R. 2553 BORN ON THE BAYOU Now when I was just a little boy EUA
Captain and Tennille 2523 DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME Do that to me one more time EUA
Carly Simon 2528 JUST LIKE YOU DO If you think you’re alone EUA
Carpenters 2552 BLESS THE BEASTS AND THE CHILDREN Bless the beasts and the children EUA
Century 2531 LOVER WHY A sign of time EUA
Chicago 2560 YOU’RE THE INSPIRATION You know our love was meant to be EUA
Chris de Burgh 2530 LOVE IS MY DECISION And when they tell you that you’re crazy EUA
Chris de Burgh 2549 SO BEAUTIFULL I’m lying here tonight EUA
Chris Thompson 2507 IF YOU REMEMBER ME When you remember me If you remember m EUA
Christopher Cross 2611 I WILL TAKE YOU FOREVER I was a man EUA
Christopher Cross 2534 NEVER BE THE SAME It was good for me was good for you EUA
Corrs (The) 2590 HEART LIKE A WHEEL Some say the heart is just like a wheel EUA
Cover Girls 2599 WISHING ON A STAR I’m wishing on a star to follow where you EUA
Cyndi Lauper 2631 THE GOONIES R GOOD ENOUGH Here we are hanging’ on to strains EUA
Cyndi Lauper 2660 WHO LET IN THE RAIN Things like this Can always take a little time EUA
Daniel Powter 2501 BAD DAY Where is the moment we needed the most EUA
David Bowie 2582 AS THE WORLD FALLS DOWN There’s such a sad love deep in your eyes EUA
David Castle 2640 YOU’RE TOO FAR AWAY You say that you’re been used EUA
Dionne Warwick e Bee Gees 2591 HEARTBREAKER I’ve got to say it and it’s hard for me EUA
Eagles 2634 WAITING IN THE WEEDS It’s comin’ on the end of August EUA
Eagles 2596 WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HEART You don’t have to say a word EUA
Evanescence 2508 MY IMMORTAL I’m so tired being here EUA
Evanescence & Seether 2562 BROKEN I wanted you to know EUA
Green Day 2653 SHE She she screams in silence a sullen riot EUA
Guns n’ Roses 2639 YOU COULD BE MINE I’m a cold heartbreaker fit to burn and I’ll EUA
Heart 2617 MAGIC MAN Cold late night so long ago EUA
Heart 2621 NEVER Uh uh oh…. Hey baby I’m talkin to you EUA
Helen Reddy 2593 I AM WOMAN I am woman hear me roar in numbers EUA
Inxs 2512 ALL THE VOICES Deep down in my heart EUA
Iron Maiden 2659 WASTING LOVE Maybe one day I’ll be an honest man EUA
Janis Joplin 2625 PIECE OF MY HEART Oh come on… Didn’t I make you feel EUA
Jason Mraz 2527 I’M YOURS Well you done done me and you bet I felt EUA
Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat 2532 LUCKY Now do you hear me I’m talking to you EUA
Jennifer Lopez 2658 WAITING FOR TONIGHT Like a movie scene in the sweetest dreams EUA
Joe Cocker 2559 YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL You are so beautiful to me EUA
Johnny Mathis 2575 EVIE There ain’t future in it Evie EUA
Johnny Mathis 2565 GINA Gina Gina EUA

Pacote INT04 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Johnny Mathis 2555 MY LOVE FOR YOU My love for you EUA
Johnny Nash 2609 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW I can see clearly now the rain is gone EUA
Johnny Rivers 2579 SUMMER RAIN Summer rain taps at my window EUA
Jonas Brothers 2594 KIDS OF THE FUTURE We’re the kids we’re the kids of the future EUA
Jonas Brothers 2597 WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES If the heart is always searching EUA
Jonny Lang 2649 LIE TO ME Lie to me and tell me everything is all right EUA
Justin Bieber 2522 BABY Oh uh oh ah aaah EUA
Justin Timberlake 2510 ROCK YOUR BODY Don’t be so quick to walk away EUA
Justin Timberlake 2629 SEXY BACK I’m bringin’ sexy back them other boys EUA
Justin Timberlake 2635 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND Hey girl is he everything you wanted EUA
Katy Perry 2607 HOT N COLD You change your mind EUA
Katy Perry 2610 I KISSED A GIRL This was never the way I planned EUA
Katy Perry 2637 WAKING UP IN VEGAS You gotta help me out EUA
Keane 2573 EVERYBODY’S CHANGING You say you wander your own land EUA
Keane 2580 THIS IS THE LAST TIME This is the last time EUA
Kenny Rogers e Dolly Parton 2647 ISLANDS IN THE STREAM Baby when I met you there was peace on EUA
Kiss 2642 DETROIT ROCK CITY I feel uptight on a saturday night EUA
Kiss 2615 LOVE GUN I really love you baby EUA
Kylie Minogue 2581 ALL THE LOVERS Dance It’s all I wanna do EUA
Lady Antebellum 2567 I RUN TO YOU I run from hate EUA
Lady Antebellum 2547 NEED YOU NOW Picture perfect memories EUA
Lady Gaga 2571 ALEJANDRO I know that we are young EUA
Lady Gaga 2551 BAD ROMANCE Rah-rah ah-ah-ah-ah roma-roma ma-a EUA
Lady Gaga 2518 JUST DANCE I’m Red Wine EUA
Lady Gaga 2509 POKER FACE I wanna hold em’ like they do in Texas EUA
Lee Jackson 2592 HEY GIRL Hey girl I hate that sound it’s in my brain EUA
Lionel Richie 2539 TRULY Girl tell me only this EUA
Lu Alone 2626 POSTCARD There’s no postcard that enters this world EUA
Madonna 2584 BORDERLINE Something in the way you love me won’t let EUA
Madonna 2556 ONE MORE CHANCE I turned around too late to see the fal EUA
Malcolm Roberts 2529 LOVE IS ALL Yesterday I knew the games to play EUA
Mamas and Papas 2564 DANCING IN THE STREET Callin’ out around the world EUA
Manhattans 2504 FOREVER BY YOUR SIDE Friends EUA
Men At Work 2503 DOWN UNDER Travelling in a friedout Kombi EUA
Metallica 2586 ENTER SANDMAN Say your prayers little one don’t forget my EUA
Michael Bublé 2574 EVERYTHING You’re a falling star you’re the getaway EUA
Michael Bublé 2566 HAVEN’T MET YOU YET I’m not surprised not everything lasts EUA
Michael Bublé 2644 HOLD ON Didn’t they always say we were the lucky EUA
Michael Bublé 2545 LOST Can’t believe it’s over EUA
Michael Jackson 2638 YOU ARE NOT ALONE Another day has gone I’m still all alone EUA

Pacote INT04 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Minnie Riperton 2519 LOVIN’ YOU Lovin’ you EUA
Mr.Big 2632 TO BE WITH YOU Hold on little girl show me what EUA
Natalie Imbruglia 2657 TORN I thought I saw a man brought to life EUA
Neil Diamond 2655 SWEET CAROLINE Where it began I can’t begin to knowing EUA
Nightwish 2620 NEMO This is me for forever EUA
Nightwish 2598 WISH I HAD AN ANGEL I wish I had an angel for one moment of EUA
Paramore 2543 CRUSH, CRUSH, CRUSH I got a lot to say to you EUA
Paramore 2557 THE ONLY EXCEPTION When I was younger I saw my daddy cry EUA
Pat Benatar 2588 FIRE AND ICE Ooo you’re givin’ me the fever tonight EUA
Peter Frampton 2542 BREAKING ALL THE RULES We are the people one and all EUA
Pholhas 2536 SHE MADE ME CRY Let me tell my whole story EUA
Ramones 2502 BLITZKRIEG BOP Hey ho let’s go hey ho let’s go EUA
Ramones 2520 PET SEMATARY Under the arc of a weather stain boards EUA
Rihanna 2633 UNFAITHFUL Story of my life searching for the right EUA
Rolling Stones 2613 LADY JANE My sweet Lady Jane EUA
Roxette 2587 FADING LIKE A FLOWER In a time where the sun descends alone EUA
Seal 2585 CRAZY In a church by the face he talks about the EUA
Shakira 2589 GYPSY Broke my heart down the road EUA
Shania Twain 2646 I’M GONNA GETCHA GOOD Let’s go Don’t wantcha for the weekend EUA
Silverchair 2618 MISS YOU LOVE Millionaire say got a big shot deal EUA
Simply Red 2514 EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE Every time we say goodbye EUA
Simply Red 2595 SO NOT OVER YOU Don’t know why I still slept on my side EUA
Smash Mouth 2641 ALL STAR Somebody once told me EUA
Stevie Wonder 2521 ALL IN LOVE IS FAIR All is fair in love EUA
Strokes (The) 2614 LAST NIGHT Last night she said oh baby I feel so d EUA
Susan Boyle 2505 I DREAMED A DREAM I dreamed a dream in days gone by EUA
Terry Winter 2654 SUMMER HOLIDAY On a summer day I met you EUA
Testament 2561 ALONE IN THE DARK When I was but very young EUA
The Corrs 2572 EVERYBODY HURTS When your day is long EUA
The Parlotones 2576 FLY TO THE MOON Fairytales all tell a lie EUA
The Rembrandts 2517 I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU So no one told your life was gonna be t EUA
The Wallflowers 2605 HEROES I I wish you could swim like the dolphin EUA
The White Stripes 2628 SEVEN NATION ARMY I’m going to fight them off a seven nation EUA
Tim Moore 2540 YES Oh oh oh yes yes EUA
Tina Turner e Al Green 2648 LET’S STAY TOGETHER I’m I’m so in love with you whatever you want EUA
Tori Amos 2563 CRUCIFY Every finger in the room is pointing at EUA
Travie McCoy Feat.Bruno Mars 2583 BILLIONAIRE I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad EUA
Van Halen 2513 CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU There’s a time and place for ev’rything EUA
Vanessa Hudgens 2548 SAY OK You are fine you are sweet EUA
Willie Nelson 2604 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Ridin’ on the City of New Orleans EUA


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