Pacote INT 03 com 160 Músicas Americanas.



Este pacote funciona somente nos aparelhos PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 e POP 300.

Pacote INT 03 é a união dos pacotes Usa3A, Usa3B, Usa3C e Usa3D.

Caso você já possua o PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 ou POP 300, deverá ser informado no campo acima o n. de série do seu aparelho.

O arquivo do pacote é disponibilizado na Área de Download do site em até 4 horas após a confirmação de pagamento. Este prazo é válido em dias úteis, dentro do horário de atendimento.


Pacote INT03 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
AC-DC 5870 BACK IN BLACK Back in black I hit the sack EUA
Air Supply 5911 HERE I AM Here I am EUA
Al Jarreau 5942 MORNIN’ Mornin’ mister Radio EUA
Alvim and The Chipmunks 5883 CHRISTMAS DON’T BE LATE Christmas Christmas time is near EUA
America 5918 I NEED YOU We used to laugh we used to cry EUA
America 5935 LONELY PEOPLE This is for all the lonely people EUA
America 5997 VENTURA HIGHWAY Chewing on a piece of grass EUA
Amy Winehouse 5959 REHAB They tried to make me go to rehab EUA
Amy Winehouse 5985 TEARS DRY ON THEIR OWN All I can ever be to you EUA
Andy Williams 5988 THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM To dream the impossible dream EUA
Audioslave 5932 LIKE A STONE On a cold wet afternoon EUA
Avril Lavigne 5887 COMPLICATED Chill out whatcha yelling’ for EUA
Avril Lavigne 5971 SKATER BOY He was a boy she was a girl EUA
B.J.Thomas 5953 OH ME OH MY To make you laugh EUA
Beatles 5864 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Love love love EUA
Beatles 5869 BABY IT’S YOU Sha la la la la la la EUA
Beatles 5882 CAN’T BUY ME LOVE Can’t buy me love oh love oh EUA
Beatles 5916 I FEEL FINE Baby’s good to me you know EUA
Bee Gees 5913 I CAN’T SEE NOBODY I walk the lonely streets EUA
Bee Gees 5949 NIGHT FEVER Listen to the ground EUA
Ben Harper 5889 DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE I knew a girl her name was truth EUA
Ben Harper 6000 WALK AWAY Oh no here comes that sun again EUA
Beyonce 5940 ME MYSELF AND I I can’t believe EUA
Beyonce 5945 NAUGHTY GIRL I love to love you baby EUA
Bob Marley 5925 JAMMIN’ All right we’re jammin’ EUA
Bob Marley 5951 NO WOMAN NO CRY No woman no cry no woman no cry EUA
Bon Jovi 5922 I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU I guess this time you’re really leavin’ EUA
Bon Jovi 5946 NEVER SAY GOODBYE As I sit in this smokey room EUA
Britney Spears 5907 GIVE ME MORE Everytime they turn the lights down EUA
Britney Spears 5994 TOXIC Baby can’t you see I’m calling EUA
Bruce Springsteen 5877 BORN IN THE USA Born down in a dead man’s town EUA
Bruce Springsteen 5888 DANCING IN THE DARK I get up in the evening EUA
Bruce Springsteen 5982 STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA I was EUA
C.C.R. 5910 GREEN RIVER Well take me back down where cool water f EUA
C.C.R. 5960 RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE Oh oh thought it was a nightmare EUA
Captain and Tennille 5939 LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER Love love will keep us together EUA
Carl Douglas 5930 KUNG FU FIGHTING Oh oh oh oh EUA
Coldplay 5884 CLOCKS Lights go out and I can’t be saved EUA
Creed 5943 MY OWN PRISION A court is in session a verdict is in EUA
Culture Club 5923 IT’S A MIRACLE Guns that cross the street EUA

Pacote INT03 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Culture Club 5929 KARMA CHAMALEON Desert loving in your eyes all the way EUA
Culture Club 5941 MISTAKE NUMBER THREE Can’t bystand all the people EUA
Debbie Gibson 5954 ONLY IN MY DREAMS Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah EUA
Depeche Mode 5897 ENJOY THE SILENCE Words like violence break the silence EUA
Depeche Mode 5981 STRANGE LOVE There’ll be times EUA
Dire Straits 5880 BROTHERS IN ARMS These mist covered mountains EUA
Double You 5936 LOOKING AT MY GIRL It happened long ago when I don’t know EUA
Double You 5961 RUN TO ME You gotta run to me oh can’t you see EUA
Double You 5968 SHE’S BEAUTIFUL Tell me baby what you are going to do EUA
Double You 9989 WE ALL NEED LOVE We all need love we all need love EUA
Duran Duran 5857 A VIEW TO A KILL Meeting you with a view to a kill EUA
Duran Duran 5952 NOTORIOUS No no notorious notorious EUA
Duran Duran 5965 SAVE A PRAYER You saw me standing by the wall EUA
Eagles 5938 LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE I was standing EUA
Eagles 5987 THE GIRL FROM YESTERDAY It wasn’t really sad the way they said EUA
Elton John 5914 I DON’T WANNA GO ON WITH YOU LIKE THAT I’ve always said that one’s enough to lo EUA
Elton John 5934 LITTLE JEANNIE Oh little Jeannie you got so much love EUA
Elton John 5962 SAD SONGS Guess there are times EUA
Erasure 5975 STAR We go waiting for the stars EUA
Etta James 5980 STORMY WEATHER Don’t know why EUA
Eurythmics 5984 SWEET DREAMS Sweet dreams are made of this EUA
Evanescence 5879 BRING ME TO LIFE How can you see into my eyes EUA
Evanescence 5881 CALL ME WHEN YOU’RE SOBER Don’t cry to me if you loved me EUA
Evanescence 5933 LITHIUM Lithium don’t want to lock me up inside EUA
Evanescense 5908 GOING UNDER Now I will tell you what I’ve done for y EUA
Faith No More 5856 A SMALL VICTORY A hierarchy EUA
Fleetwood Mac 5894 DREAMS Now here you go again EUA
Fleetwood Mac 5964 SARA Wait a minute baby EUA
Flying Machine 5972 SMILE A LITTLE SMILE FOR ME You really should accept EUA
Four Tops 5868 BABY I NEED YOUR LOVIN Baby I need your lovin EUA
Gary Lewis and The Playboys 5898 EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN Everybody loves a clown so why don’t yo EUA
George Michael 5906 FREEDOM I won’t let you down I will not give you EUA
Green Day 5998 WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS Summer has come and passed EUA
Guess Who 5950 NO TIME On my way to better things EUA
Hannah Montana 5920 IF WE WERE A MOVIE Oh oh EUA
Hannah Montana 5990 THIS IS THE LIFE Take the world shake and stir EUA
Hannah Montana 9995 WHO SAID I’m more than just you’re average girl EUA
Harry Nilson 5899 EVERYBODY’S TALKING Everybody’s talking at me EUA
High School Musical 5861 ALL FOR ONE The summer that we wanted EUA
High School Musical 5878 BREAKING FREE We’re soaring flying EUA

Pacote INT03 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
High School Musical 5900 EVERYDAY Once in a lifetime EUA
High School Musical 5976 START OF SOMETHING NEW Living in my own world didn’t understan EUA
High School Musical 5978 STICK TO THE STATUS QUO You can bet there’s nothin’ but net EUA
High School Musical 9994 WHEN THERE WAS ME AND YOU It’s funny when you find yourself EUA
High School Musical 9997 YOU ARE THE MUSIC IN ME Na na na na na na na na yeah EUA
High School Musical 2 5917 I GOTTA GO MY OWN WAY I gotta say what’s on my mind EUA
Hilary Duff 5886 COME CLEAN Let’s go back back to the beginning EUA
Hilary Duff 5903 FLY Any moment everything can change EUA
Hilary Duff 5999 WAKE UP There’s people talking they talk about m EUA
Hoobastank 5989 THE REASON I’m not a perfect person EUA
Inner Circle 5983 SWEAT (A LA LA LA LA LONG) I’ve been watching you EUA
INXS 5860 ALL AROUND I see the rising sun I feel the warming EUA
INXS 5947 NEW SENSATION Live baby live now that the day is over EUA
Jack Johnson 5873 BETTER TOGETHER There’s no combination of words EUA
Jack Johnson 5970 SITTING, WAITING, WISHING Well I was sitting waiting wishing EUA
Jack Johnson 5992 TIMES LIKE THESE In times like these EUA
James Blunt 5909 GOODBYE MY LOVER Did I disappoint you or let you down EUA
James Blunt 5963 SAME MISTAKE So while I’m turning in my sheets EUA
Jerry and The Pacemakers 5902 FERRY ‘CROSS THE MERCY Life goes on day after day EUA
John Travolta & Olivia Newton John 9999 YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT I got chills they’re multiplyin’ EUA
Johnny Rivers 5967 SECRET AGENT MAN There’s a man who leads a life of danger EUA
Jojo 5931 LEAVE (GET OUT) I’ve been waiting all day for you babe EUA
Jojo 5993 TOO LITLE TOO LATE Come with me stay the night EUA
Jon Secada 5891 DO YOU BELIEVE IN US I tremble inside just thinking EUA
Jon Secada 5921 IF YOU GO Taking a day at a time EUA
Jon Secada 5928 JUST ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT YOU Mornings alone EUA
Keane 5974 SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW I walked across an empty land EUA
Kenny Rogers 5991 THROUGH THE YEARS I can’t remember when you weren’t there EUA
Leona Lewis 5855 A MOMENT LIKE THIS What if I told you it was all meant to EUA
Leona Lewis 5872 BETTER IN TIME It’s been the longest winter without you EUA
Leona Lewis 5875 BLEEDING LOVE Closed off from love I didn’t need the p EUA
Natalie Imbruglia 5859 AGAINST THE WALL Saw your light on from the second story EUA
Natalie Imbruglia 5863 ALL THE MAGIC Promises have meaning once again EUA
Neil Sedaka 9998 YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME You are the answer to my lonely prayer EUA
Nelly Furtado 5862 ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END Honestly what will become of me EUA
Nelly Furtado 5958 PROMISCOUS GIRL How you doin’ young lady EUA
Nelly Furtado 5966 SAY IT RIGHT In the day in the night say it right say EUA
Nelly Furtado 5996 TRY All I know EUA

Pacote INT03 com 160 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Ne-Yo 5973 SO SICK Mmm mmm yeah EUA
Norah Jones 5885 COME AWAY WITH ME Come away with me in the night EUA
Norah Jones 5893 DON’T KNOW WHY I waited ‘til I saw the sun EUA
Norah Jones 9992 WHAT AM I TO YOU What am I to you tell me darlin’ true EUA
Oasis 5892 DON’T GO AWAY Cold and frosty morning there’s not a lo EUA
Oingo Boingo 5977 STAY This is not the first time EUA
Oingo Boingo 9990 WE CLOSE OUR EYES We close our eyes EUA
Pearl Jam 5874 BLACK Hey oooh EUA
Pearl Jam 5926 JEREMY At home drawing pictures of mountain top EUA
Pet Shop Boys 5852 A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW When I’m sitting so close to you EUA
Pet Shop Boys 5854 A MAN COULD GET ARRESTED Late on Tuesday evening EUA
Pet Shop Boys 5924 IT’S A SIN When I look back upon my life EUA
Pet Shop Boys 9991 WEST END GIRLS Sometimes you’re better off dead EUA
Platters 5944 MY PRAYER When the twilight is gone EUA
Queen 5919 I WANT TO BREAK FREE I want to break free I want to break fre EUA
Reba McEntire 5904 FOR MY BROKEN HEART There were no angry words at all EUA
Roberta Flack 5901 FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE Strollin’ in the park EUA
Roberta Flack 5986 THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU The closer I get to you EUA
Rod Stewart 5915 I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT I can tell by your eyes EUA
Roxette 5896 DRESSED FOR SUCCESS Tried to make it little by little EUA
Roxette 5927 JOYRIDE Hello you fool I love you EUA
Rush 5853 A FAREWELL TO KINGS When they turn the pages of history EUA
Ryan e Sharpay 5876 BOP TO THE TOP Mucho gusto ay que fabulosa EUA
Santana 5956 OYE COMO VA Oye como va mi ritmo EUA
Scorpions 9996 WIND OF CHANGE I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park EUA
Sheena Easton 5905 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY For your eyes only EUA
Silverchair 5865 ANA’S SONG Please die Ana EUA
Spandau Ballet 5955 ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE Laying in the after glow EUA
Spandau Ballet 5995 TRUE So true funny how it seems EUA
Steely Dan 5890 DO IT AGAIN In the morning you go gunning EUA
The Ronettes 5871 BE MY BABY The night we met I knew I needed you so EUA
The Smiths 5867 ASK Shyness is nice and shyness can’t stop y EUA
Tina Turner 5957 PRIVATE DANCER Well the men come in these places EUA
Tina Turner 5969 SIMPLY THE BEST I call you I need you my heart’s on fir EUA
U2 5948 NEW YEAR’S DAY All is quiet on new year’s day EUA
Van Halen 5895 DREAMS World turns black and white EUA
Vanessa Anne Hudgens 9993 WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR It’s hard to believe that I couldn’t see EUA
Whitesnake 5912 HERE I GO AGAIN I don’t know where I’m going EUA
Whitesnake 5937 LOVE AIN’T NO STRANGER Who knows where the cold wind blows EUA



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