Pacote INT 02 com 200 Músicas Americanas.



Este pacote funciona somente nos aparelhos PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 e POP 300.

Pacote INT 02 é a união dos pacotes 8D, 8E, 8F, A44 e A45.

Caso você já possua o PRO-750, iVideokê Mini-8162, POP 200 ou POP 300, deverá ser informado no campo acima o n. de série do seu aparelho.

O arquivo do pacote é disponibilizado na Área de Download do site em até 4 horas após a confirmação de pagamento. Este prazo é válido em dias úteis, dentro do horário de atendimento.

Pacote INT02 com 200 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Abba 9116 I HAVE A DREAM I have a dream a song to sing… EUA
Ace of Base 9221 HAPPY NATION Laudate omnes gentes laudate EUA
Air Supply 9243 ALL OUT OF LOVE I’m lying alone EUA
Air Supply 9105 EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER I I was the lonely one… EUA
Air Supply 9182 THE ONE THAT YOU LOVE Now the night has gone… EUA
Al Jarreau 9193 WE’RE IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER It’s like a diamond ring it’s a precious… EUA
Alan Jackson 9139 MIDNIGHT IN MONTGOMERY Midnight in Montgomery silver eagle… EUA
Alan Parson’s Project 9187 TIME Time flowin’ like a river… EUA
Albert Hammond 9128 IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Got on a board a west bound seven forty… EUA
Alesis 9242 ALL FOR A REASON I know it’s late and I’m a little drunk EUA
Alice Cooper 9144 NO MORE MR. NICE GUY I used to be such a sweet sweet thing… EUA
Alphaville 9245 BIG IN JAPAN Winter’s cityside EUA
America 9083 A HORSE WITH NO NAME On the first part of the journey…. EUA
Anita Baker 9176 SWEET LOVE With all my heart I love you baby… EUA
Anne Murray 9238 YOU NEEDED ME I cried a tear you wiped it dry EUA
Annie Lennox & Al Green 9155 PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART Think of your fellow man lend him a help… EUA
Art Garfunkel 9119 I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU Are the stars out tonight… EUA
Association 9143 NEVER MY LOVE You ask me if there’ll come a time… EUA
Backstreet Boys 9102 DROWNING ohhh….Don’t pretend you’re sorry… EUA
Backstreet Boys 9140 MORE THAN THAT I can see that you’ve been crying… EUA
Baltimore 9235 TARZAN BOY Jungle life, I’m far away from nowhere EUA
Barbra Streisand 9175 STONEY END I was born from love… EUA
Barbra Streisand 9197 WHERE YOU LEAD Wanting you the way I do I only wanna… EUA
Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb 9111 GUILTY Shadows falling baby we stand alone… EUA
Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb 9195 WHAT KIND OF FOOL There was a time… EUA
Barry Manilow 9250 COPACABANA Her name was Lola EUA
Barry Manilow 9104 EVEN NOW Even now… EUA
Barry Manilow 9134 LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT There you are… EUA
Barry Manilow 9185 THIS ONE’S FOR YOU This one’ll never sell they’ll never… EUA
Beatles 9110 GET BACK Jo Jo was a man who thought he was… EUA
Beatles 9149 OH DARLING Oh darling please believe me… EUA
Beatles 9186 TICKET TO RIDE I think I’m gonna be sad… EUA
Bee Gees 9220 GREASE I saw my problems and I’ll see the light EUA
Bill Medley & J.Warnes 9131 I’VE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE Now I’ve had the time of my life… EUA
Billy Idol 9217 EYES WITHOUT A FACE I’m all out of hope EUA
Billy Idol 9231 REBEL YELL Last night a little dancer EUA
Billy Joel 9275 TELL HER ABOUT IT Listen boy, EUA
Bob Marley & The Wailers 9127 IS THIS LOVE I wanna love you and treat you right… EUA
Bobby Lewis 9278 TOSSIN’ AND TURNIN’ Baby, baby EUA
Bonnie Tyler 9129 IT’S A HEARTACHE It’s a heartache nothing but a heartache… EUA

Pacote INT02 com 200 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Boston 9230 MORE THAN A FEELING I looked out this morning EUA
Boyz II Men 9256 END OF THE ROAD Girl, you know we belong together, heh EUA
Bryan Ferry 9234 SLAVE TO LOVE Tell her I be waiting in the usual plac EUA
Buddy Holly 9124 I’M LOOKIN’ FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE Stayin’ at home waitin’ for you… EUA
Carly Simon 9145 NOBODY DOES IT BETTER Nobody does it better… EUA
Carole King 9171 SO FAR AWAY So far away… EUA
Carpenters 9115 HURTING EACH OTHER No one in the world… EUA
Carpenters 9133 LET ME BE THE ONE Some sleepless night… EUA
Carpenters 9156 RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old… EUA
Carpenters 9194 WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN We’ve only just begun to live… EUA
Celine Dion 9121 (IF THERE WAS) ANY OTHER WAY Sorry I know I’m late… EUA
Charles And Eddie 9198 WOULD I LIE TO YOU? No no no… baby hum… EUA
Chicago 9222 HARD FOR ME TO SAY I’M SORRY Ev’rybody needs a little time away EUA
Chrystian 9254 DON’T SAY GOODBYE Please don’t say goodbye EUA
Chubby Checker 9277 THE TWIST Come on baby, let’s do the twist EUA
Cindy Lauper 9203 ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT All through the night EUA
Cliff Richard 9191 WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE Used to think that life was sweet… EUA
Commodores 9214 EASY I know it sounds funny EUA
Crowded House 9212 DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER There is freedom within EUA
Crystal Gayle 9252 DON’T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE Don’t know when I’ve been so blue EUA
Dan Fogelberg 9265 LONGER Longer than there’ve been fishes in the EUA
Dayane Taylor 9135 LOVE WILL LEAD YOU BACK Saying goodbye is never an easy thing… EUA
Deep Blue Something 9247 BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S You’ll say we’ve got nothing in common EUA
Demis Roussos 9219 FOREVER AND EVER Ever and ever forever and ever EUA
Diana Ross 9150 ONE LOVE IN MY LIFETIME Ooh… yeah….From rags to riches here… EUA
Dire Straits 9239 YOUR LATEST TRICK All the late night bargains EUA
Don McLean 9251 CRYING I was all right for a while EUA
Dr.Hook 9169 SEXY EYES I was sitting all alone… EUA
Eagles 9099 DESPERADO Desperado You’ve been out ridin fences… EUA
Elton John 9103 EMPTY GARDEN What happened here… EUA
Elton John 9162 ROCKET MAN She packed my bags last night preflight… EUA
Elvis Presley 9126 IN THE GHETTO As the snow flies… EUA
Elvis Presley 9159 RETURN TO SENDER Return to sender return to sender.. EUA
Elvis Presley 9274 TEDDY BEAR A-baby let me be your lovin’ teddy bea EUA
Elvis Presley 9188 TOO MUCH Well honey I love you too much… EUA
En Vogue 9253 DON’T LET GO (LOVE) What’s it gonna be? ‘Cause I can’t prete EUA
Erasure 9084 A LITTLE RESPECT I try to discover… EUA
Eric Burdon & The Animals 9165 SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS Strobe lights beam creates dreams… EUA
Eric Carmen 9137 MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL I run a comb through my hair… EUA
Eric Clapton 9097 COCAINE If you wanna hang out… EUA

Pacote INT02 com 200 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Faith Hill 9208 BREATHE I can feel the magic floating in the ai EUA
Fleetwood Mac 9085 AFFAIRS OF THE HEART One set of doors was the color of honey… EUA
Fleetwood Mac 9089 ANGEL Sometimes the most beautiful thing… EUA
Fleetwood Mac 9112 GYPSY So I’m back to the velvet underground… EUA
Foreigner 9224 I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS I gotta take a little time EUA
Frank Sinatra 9087 ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE You are the promised kiss of springtime… EUA
Frank Sinatra 9095 BLUE MOON Blue moon you saw me standin’ alone… EUA
Frank Sinatra 9109 FOR EVERY MAN THERE’S A WOMAN For ev’ry man there’s a woman… EUA
Gene Kelly 9170 SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN I’m singin’ in the rain just singin’ in… EUA
George Benson 9259 GIVE ME THE NIGHT Whenever dark has fallen EUA
George Michael 9107 FATHER FIGURE That’s all I wanted… EUA
George Michael 9151 ONE MORE TRY I’ve had enough of danger… EUA
George Michael 9190 WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO Jitterbug jitterbug… EUA
Gerry Rafferty 9094 BAKER STREET Winding your way down Baker Street… EUA
Gino Vanelli 9223 I JUST WANNA STOP For your love for your love EUA
Glenn Frey 9180 THE HEAT IS ON The heat is on on the street… EUA
Gloria Estefan 9114 HERE WE ARE Here we are face to face… EUA
Guns n’ Roses 9148 NOVEMBER RAIN When I look into your eyes… EUA
Haddaway 9237 WHAT IS LOVE What is love baby don’t hurt me EUA
Heart 9088 ALONE I hear the ticking of the clock… EUA
Huey Lewis & The News 9183 THE POWER OF LOVE Power of love is a curious thing… EUA
Iggy Pop 9210 CANDY It’s a rainy afternoon in nineteen nine EUA
Imagination 9226 JUST AN ILLUSION Illusion… illusion… EUA
Information Society 9196 WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND I wanna know what you’re thinking… EUA
INXS 9266 NEED YOU TONIGHT (Come over here) EUA
INXS 9146 NOT ENOUGH TIME An’ I was lost for words in your arms… EUA
Jack Johnson 9246 BREAKDOWN I hope this old train breaks down EUA
Jack Johnson 9279 UPSIDE-DOWN Who’s to say EUA
Jackson 5 9141 NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE Never can say goodbye… EUA
James Blunt 9261 HIGH Beautiful dawn EUA
James Blunt 9240 YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL My life is brilliant EUA
James Taylor 9113 HANDY MAN Hey girls gather ‘round… EUA
Jamie Cullum 9229 MIND TRICK I missed the opportunity EUA
Jamiroquai 9233 SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE The pebbles you’ve arranged EUA
Janet Jackson 9276 THAT’S THE WAY LOVE GOES Like a moth to a flame burned by the fi EUA
Jimmy Cliff 9199 YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT You can get it if you really want… EUA
John Lennon 9228 MIND GAMES We’re playing those mind games EUA
Johnny Mathis 9082 A CERTAIN SMILE A certain smile a certain face… EUA
Johnny Rivers 9154 POOR SIDE OF TOWN Do doo bee doo wah shoo be doo be… EUA
Judy Garland 9152 OVER THE RAINBOW Somewhere over the rainbow… EUA

Pacote INT02 com 200 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
K.D.Lang 9098 CONSTANT CRAVING Even through the darkest phase… EUA
Kate Tunstall 9273 SUDDENLY I SEE Her face is a map of the world EUA
Keane 9262 IS IT ANY WONDER I… I always thought that I knew EUA
Kelly Clarkson 9205 BECAUSE OF YOU I will not make the same mistakes EUA
Kelly Clarkson 9207 BREAKAWAY Grew up in a small town EUA
Kenny Rogers 9200 YOU DECORATED MY LIFE All my life was a paper… EUA
Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton 9236 WE’VE GOT TONIGHT I know it’s late I know you’re weary EUA
Lenny Kravitz 9249 CALLING ALL ANGELS Calling all angels EUA
Lenny Kravitz 9218 FLY AWAY I wish that I could fly EUA
Lisa Stansfield 9158 REAL LOVE Uuuh…There will never be… EUA
Little Richard 9264 LONG TALL SALLY Gonna tell Aunt Mary ‘bout Uncle John EUA
Loverboy 9184 THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT Ask any girl in this lonely world… EUA
Madonna 9244 BEAUTIFUL STRANGER Haven’t we met EUA
Madonna 9271 SORRY Je suis desolé lo siento EUA
Marvin Gaye 9168 SEXUAL HEALING Oh baby now let’s get down tonight… EUA
Men At Work 9130 IT’S A MISTAKE Jump down the shelters to get away… EUA
Men At Work 9153 OVERKILL I can’t get to sleep… EUA
Neil Sedaka 9267 OH CAROL Oh Carol, I am but a fool EUA
Nirvana 9211 COME AS YOU ARE Come as you are as you were EUA
Olivia Newton John 9118 I HONESTLY LOVE YOU Maybe I hang around here… EUA
Otis Redding 9269 SITTIN’ ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY Sittin’ in the morning sun EUA
Paul McCartney 9090 ANOTHER DAY Ev’ry day she takes a morning… EUA
Peaches and Herb 9160 REUNITED I was a fool to ever leave your side… EUA
Pearl Jam 9257 EVEN FLOW Freezin’ EUA
Pearl Jam 9132 LAST KISS Oh where oh where can my baby… EUA
Pearl Jam 9172 SOLDIER OF LOVE Lay down your arms and surrender to me… EUA
Peter Frampton 9204 BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY Shadows grow so long before my eyes EUA
Peter Frampton 9123 I’M IN YOU I don’t care where I go when I’m with… EUA
Peter Gabriel 9138 MERCY STREET Looking down on empty streets… EUA
PHD 9225 I WON’T LET YOU DOWN You asked me if I’m happy here EUA
Pholhas 9258 FOREVER I wanna feel your hands on my face EUA
Pointer Sisters 9125 I’M SO EXCITED Tonight’s the night… EUA
Police 9106 EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC Though I’ve tried before to tell her… EUA
Pussycat Dolls 9272 STICKWITU Mmh… come on EUA
Richard Marx 9161 RIGHT HERE WAITING Oceans apart day after day… EUA
Rick Astley 9142 NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP We’re no strangers to love… EUA
Robbie Williams 9241 ADVERTISING SPACE There’s no earthly way of knowing EUA
Robbie Williams 9206 BEYOND THE SEA Somewhere beyond the sea somewhere waiti EUA
Robert Plant 9167 SEA OF LOVE Do you remember when we met… EUA
Rod Stewart 9173 SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK Some guys have all the luck… EUA

Pacote INT02 com 200 músicas para o iVideokê Raf Electronics
Sade 9209 BY YOUR SIDE You think I’d leave your side baby EUA
Sandra 9227 MARIA MAGDALENA You take my love you want my soul EUA
Santana & Michelle Branch 9179 THE GAME OF LOVE Tell me Just what you want me to be… EUA
Simple Plan 9268 PERFECT Hey dad look at me EUA
Sinead O’Connor 9147 NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU It’s been seven hours and fifteen days… EUA
Spice Girls 9081 2 BECOME 1 Candle light and soul forever… EUA
Steve Miller Band 9201 ABRACADABRA I heat up I can’t cool down EUA
Sting 9108 FIELDS OF GOLD You’ll remember me when the west… EUA
Sting 9192 WE’LL BE TOGETHER I see me with you… EUA
Supertramp 9101 DREAMER Dreamer You know you are a dreamer… EUA
Supertramp 9177 TAKE A LONG WAY HOME So you think you’re a Romeo… EUA
Supertramp 9181 THE LOGICAL SONG When I was young… EUA
Survivor 9216 EYE OF THE TIGER Risin’ up back on the street EUA
The 5th Dimension 9092 AQUARIUS When the moon is in the seventh house… EUA
The Buggles 9189 VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR I heard you on my wireless… EUA
The Cars 9255 DRIVE Who’s gonna tell you when EUA
The Corrs 9232 RUNAWAY Say it’s true EUA
The Corrs 9163 RUNAWAY Say it’s true… EUA
The Crests 9270 SIXTEEN CANDLES Happy birthday Happy birthday, baby EUA
The Four Tops 9093 ASK THE LONELY When you feel that you can make.. EUA
The Four Tops 9157 REACH OUT I’LL BE THERE Now if you feel that you can’t go on… EUA
The Hollies 9178 THE AIR THAT I BREATHE If I could make a wish I think I’d pass… EUA
The Housemartins 9248 BUILD Clambering men in big bad boots EUA
The Human League 9213 DON’T YOU WANT ME You were working as a waitress EUA
The Korgis 9215 EVERYBODY’S GOT T0 LEARN SOMETIME Change your heart look around you EUA
The Outfield 9096 CLOSER TO ME One look one touch… EUA
Tina Turner 9174 STEAMY WINDOWS I was thinkin’ ‘bout parkin’ the other… EUA
Tina Turner 9280 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT You must understand, EUA
Tony Orlando & Dawn 9263 KNOCK THREE TIMES Hey girl, what ya doin’ down there EUA
Toto 9202 AFRICA I hear the drums echoing tonight EUA
Toto 9122 I’LL BE OVER YOU Some people live their dreams… EUA
Travis Tritt 9091 ANYMORE I can’t hide the way I feel… EUA
U2 9120 I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR I have climbed highest mountain… EUA
U2 9164 RUNNING TO STAND STILL And so she woke up.. EUA
Vanessa Williams 9166 SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST Sometimes the snow comes down in June… EUA
Whitney Houston 9086 ALL AT ONCE All at once… EUA
Whitney Houston 9100 DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL Remember when we held on in the rain… EUA
Whitney Houston 9117 I HAVE NOTHING Share my life take me for what I am… EUA
Whitney Houston 9136 LOVER FOR LIFE Hey hey baby ooh boy yeah oh baby… EUA
Young Rascals 9260 GROOVIN’ Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon EUA


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